6 Podcasts for illustrators and creatives

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Listening to podcasts has been a big source of inspiration and motivation for my creative business. Working from home is one of the things I love the most about being freelance, however sometimes things can get a little bit lonely and trying to figure out the business side of illustration can be overwhelming. 

I like to listen to podcasts that give advice for small businesses and cover topics ranging from social media, contracts, PR to life experiences from other freelancers. Learning that people who I admire have gone through similar life experiences to me has been a big eye opener and an inspiration to keep on going in my creative pursues.

1. Being freelance
This is one of my favourite podcasts. Steve Folland is a freelance designer himself and interviews other freelance creatives in different stages of their creative careers and asks interesting questions such as how did they start, how did they get their first break, what are they doing now and what are their plans for the future. The format of the podcast is very entertaining and informative and Steve happens to have a beautiful voice.

2. Hashtag authentic
On this podcast Sarah Tasker, an Instagram expert, shares all her insta-knowledge about hashtags, organic growth, algorithms, etc., and also interviews experts on other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter.  Some of the episodes have been really helpful for my social media strategy; especially episode 7 where she talks with Tara Swiger about finding "your right people" i.e. people interested in you as a person and also in your work, products and/or services. 

3. The small and mighty podcast
I discovered Sam's work listening to the Being freelance podcast; in her own words, she is a Social Marketing Consultant, helping small creative business owners find their brand voice online. She interviews small business owners in the creative industry and chats with them about the business side of things. I recommend listening to her interview with Kristina Karlsson from kikki.K

4. Explore your enthusiasm with Tara Swiger
Listening to her podcast is like sitting with a friend, chatting honestly about the ups and downs of being a small business owner. The podcast has almost 200 episodes and here she talks about things such as sales, goals, marketing, feeling pressured, social media etc. 

5. Soulful PR
When I opened my Etsy shop, I was wondering how to promote my prints without being spammy. Somewhere along the way I ended up listening to Janet's podcast about getting your products featured in magazines and newspapers and getting in touch with journalists.  I don't think my prints are commercial enough for newspapers but if you have beautiful products that you want to sell it's worth listening to her tips.

6Desert island discs
This is not a business or creative podcast per se but I enjoy the format and sometimes they interview people working in the high end of the creative industry. The interviewees share 8 songs that are important to them while discussing their life, careers, achievements, etc. At the end of the episode they're cast away to a deserted island and have to choose only one of the songs they shared, a book and a luxury item. Kirsty Young interviews a mixture of politicians, musicians, singers, actors, chefs, writers, etc. 

I'm always looking for new podcasts suggestions so let me know if you have any in the comments below.

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