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Drawing outdoors is something I've been wanting to do for a while and a few weeks ago the weather in Hong Kong was perfect to go outside, now it's way too hot! The materials I used on this post are sponsored by the lovely people of Overjoyed

As you may know, I love including flowers in my designs because they add colour and vibrancy to my illustrations. I draw a mixture of real and imagined designs and usually find inspiration in botanical encyclopaedias and Pinterest; however I have a fascination with real flowers because up close you can see all the small details and textures and the differences between them.

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I decided to go to the Hong Kong Park for an outdoor sketching session. I wanted to draw things that caught my attention so not only flowers but also insects and animals. To paint, I took a set of White Nights Extra Fine Artists’ Watercolour Set X12 and a Strathmore watercolour art journal.

The watercolours come in a small and compact case which is easy to carry around for painting outdoors; the palette has only two shades of green so I mixed a split colour palette beforehand to see all the colour combinations available from these 12 colours. The colours are vibrant and creamy and it was very handy to have the colour chart with me to mix the colours on site. The paper of the journal is very thick and holds the paint without warping. The size is also perfect to draw quite a few elements on the page and I used the paper on both sides and it worked very well. 

I discovered new leaf shapes and colour combinations at the park and I will use this new knowledge in upcoming designs; I encourage you to go out and paint in your local park or garden, you’d be surprised by the many flowers and leaf designs, shapes and colours that you will discover.

All images © Gina Maldonado

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