My travel art supplies


One of the best things you can do over the summer holidays, is to find those art supplies that have been hiding in a drawer and go to paint outside! Or maybe buy new ones if you don’t have them. I’m not very good at drawing outdoors yet but the idea of improving encourages me to keep on trying. In this video I’m sharing with you all the art supplies I take with me when I go on holiday or to paint outdoors in Hong Kong.

Here’s the list of all the art supplies I mentioned:

  • Red Moleskine pocket sized sketchbook

  • Strathmore 400 series watercolour sketchbook

  • Sakura Koi watercolour set x 24 colours

  • Sakura Koi watercolour set x 48 colours

  • HB or 2B pencil (any brand)

  • UNI palette pencil sharpener

  • Staedtler watercolour brown coloured pencil

  • Derwent water brushes #1 & #2

  • Pentel white hybrid gel pen

  • Kaküno Pilot fountain pen with black ink

  • Kaweco ALsport fountain pen with purple ink

  • Staedtler soft dust free eraser

  • Staedtler kneaded eraser

  • MT washi tape roll

  • Metallic clips

  • PuniLabo stand-up pencil case

* I forgot to mention in the video that I also take a pen-shaped pair of scissors from Muji

Most of these supplies I’ve got either in JP books or Commercial Press.

If you have any questions or suggestions about travel art supplies let me know below.

All images © Gina Maldonado