Hummingbird sanctuary, Colombia


Lately all the designs I’ve been creating and sharing with you on Instagram and Youtube have been inspired by my summer holiday in Colombia. For those of you who don’t know, I’m from Colombia but there are lots of places I haven’t visited because it’s quite big and far, far away from Hong Kong.

One of the places we got to visit while there was the Observatorio de Colibríes, a humming bird sanctuary near La Calera, not far from Bogotá. There are around 165 different species of hummingbirds in Colombia and in the sanctuary is possible to see 14.

The Sanctuary is in a beautiful location in the countryside surrounded by mountains and nature. It is divided into 4 different sections that include 2 short nature walks and 2 feeding areas for the hummingbirds.

At the beginning the hummingbirds were a little unsure about our presence but once they got used to it, they started to fly all around the feeders and some of them even posed to be photographed.

It was quite relaxing to be there and see these colourful little birds; listening to the buzzing of their flight and the chirping of the other species of birds living in the trees nearby.

They were a few flower beds near the hummingbirds but it was quite difficult to take a picture of them with the flowers.

There are also a couple of funny alpacas that you can see on one of the nature walks. They were very relaxed but didn’t allow us to get too close; they were very furry and a bit wet, which is not unusual in this part of Colombia.

It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend if you’re thinking of visiting Bogotá. The staff were super-friendly and the entrance includes a hot drink (coffee, aromática, etc) which was perfect for the cold weather.

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How to get there from Bogotá:

Take a bus from Bogota (calle 72 with Carrera 13) to La Calera ($3.800 per person), then from the centre of La Calera take a taxi ($30.000) to the Observatorio.

Note that you need to make a reservation beforehand to visit.

What to take:

Warm clothing
Waterproof jacket


Sony A5100
Lens E 55–210 mm F4.5-6.3 OSS

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All images © Gina Maldonado



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