International collaboration and partnership with OVERJOYED

I have partnered with Singapore-based art-supply-shop Overjoyed to create illustrations and videos and write blog posts to inspire people to use art materials creatively. This is an ongoing collaboration.

Pēbēo liquid watercolours and Strathmore watercolour paper

For this project I used liquid watercolours and extra think watercolour paper to create a colourful illustration of a bear in an imaginary forest.

Gina Maldonado - Overjoyed collaboration 4.jpg
Gina Maldonado - Overjoyed collaboration 5.JPG

Kuretake watercolour set and molotow masking liquid marker 

I created this charming illustration using a set of Kuretake watercolours and a fluid marker as the main materials. In the time-lapse video you can see my process, colouring the different layers of the illustration with watercolours and adding small details at the end with white ink. 

Gina Maldonado - Overjoyed collaboration 1.JPEG
Gina Maldonado - Overjoyed collaboration 3.JPEG